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sabato 6 luglio 2013

The moment before

Orio al Serio International Airport - BG

“There's nothing more beautiful than the moment before a journey, the moment when the horizon of tomorrow visits us and tell us its promises.” (M. Kundera)

I am leaving for a long, particular and meaningful pilgrimage.

It will be LONG because I will cover by foot the over than 800 kilometers of the Santiago Way, from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela; but LONG also because I am leaving today and I will return on the 30th August.

It will be PARTICULAR because for quite all the time I will be alone, without travelmates except from those that the Way will make me meet; but PARTICULAR also because, to do the programmed kilometers, one mounth is necessary, but I have much more time, that I can use to slow down, to stop... but all is uncertain. In the provisional plan there are various alternatives, entire weeks not-programmed and possibilities that can be taken into consideration only when in the place.

It will be MEANINGFUL because I am full of expectations. I alredy covered some parts of the Santiago Way and I have walked for about one hundred kilometers in the Judas' Desert in Israel. I know that the Way transforms you. It is not just a simpke escape because, together with the bacpack, on the shoulders, you bring all your life with its hopes, joys and contraddictions. And the Way speaks directly to your life, how it is in that moment. You also learn to recognise the presence of God: in simple and discret way, He scatters signes, Words and meetings that accompany and support the walk... and the entire life.

Let's have these miracles repeated with power in these months!

Translated by T. Lancellotti

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